• Butterscotch Tiffin Cake

    Sharing lunch just became more exciting with Mukkund’s Butterscotch Tiffin Cakes. Super flavourful, mouthwatering cake makes a perfect tiny meal.
  • Chocolate Tiffin Cake

    Chocolate for tiffin? Not a problem with Mukkund’s Tiffin Cake. Too good to taste, too delicious to skip lunch.
  • Mixed Fruit Tiffin Cake

    Packed with a punch, Mukkund’s Mixed Fruit Tiffin Cake is a basket of flavours. Play hide and seek with fruit chunks and yummy spongy cake.
  • Orange Tiffin Cake

    Tangy and tasty! Mukkund’s Orange Tiffin Cake is a blast of fresh deliciousness. Bite it to believe it.
  • Strawberry Tiffin Cake

    Your favourite flavour is now served in Mukkund’s Strawberry Tiffin Cake. Mouthful of deliciousness, these cakes are irresistible!
  • Vanilla Tiffin Cake

    Vanilla is fun too! Try Mukkund’s Vanilla Tiffin Cake to discover how simply good taste can surprise you.
  • Chocolate Sliced Cake

    Mukkund’s Chocolate Sliced Cake is no less than chunks of chocolate.
    Let the cocoa dream take you on a delectable journey!
  • Mixed Fruit Sliced Cake

    Yummy from start to finish Mukkund’s Mixed Fruit Sliced Cake is full of tasty adventures. Bite in to explore awesomeness!