• Coco Bite

    Dream away to beaches, the sun and sea as you bite into
    Mukkund’s Coco Bite biscuits. Savour the real coconut taste!
    Anytime, anywhere.
  • Real Milk

    Nourished with the goodness of milk, Mukkund’s Real Milk biscuits are rich
    and creamy. Dive into the wholesome awesomeness anytime, anywhere!
  • Real Butter

    So tasty and buttery, Mukkund’s Real Butter biscuits simply melt in the mouth. Enjoy these delicious quick bites anywhere, anytime!
  • Elaichi Time

    Perfect mate for High Tea or the casual coffee, Mukkund’s Elaichi Time adds the right flavour to your mood. Anywhere, anytime!
  • Jeera Magic

    A sweet cookie with a dash of spice – Jeera will take you on a whirlwind experience where you get the best of both worlds.