Quality Test

A monitored, daily-hygiene regimen is maintained at all Mukkund production units to ensure safe and clean packaging. It entails the following . . .

  • Employees must pass through the Sanitization Zone to enter the production unit.
  • Those with contagious infections/diseases, open wounds/sores
    are not allowed to enter areas where contamination of food maybe possible.
  • Employees must be in uniform while in the premises. Clean clothes are a must.
  • Employees are urged to maintain a personal cleanliness routine.
  • It is important that hands are washed and sanitized prior to starting work and
    after each absence from the workplace.
  • Employees must take care that fingernails are kept clean.
  • All personal clothing must be stored in designated areas only. Shirt pockets must be kept empty.
  • All loose jewellery must be removed.
  • Employees must wear Hair Restraints while within the premises.
  • For male employees – moustache and sideburn must be trimmed regularly and should be in accordance with the General Hair Standards.
  • Employees must not wear beards.
  • Cosmetics, personal medications, and similar items must be stored and used in designated areas only.
  • Eating, drinking, or chewing gum is permitted but only in designated areas.
  • Smoking is permitted but in designated areas only.
  • Tobacco chewing is prohibited under all circumstances.
  • Spitting is prohibited under all circumstances.
  • Mukkund is certified by FSSAI, GMP, HALAL, APEDA and Food Safety Management System – ISO 22000: 2005.
  • Only RO purified water is used within the premises.